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About Us

We are a professional photography studio, offering a full spectrum of photographic services:

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Please note that we are currently re-developing our website, so some items may be temporarily unavailable, and some links my be broken. Our apologies - please bear with us over the next few days as we complete the transition, and check back again soon!

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Our gallery offers a wide variety of work for sale, mostly in large format canvas - up to about three metres (10 feet) long.

Feel free to come by and browse for yourself! We're open 9-5 Monday through Friday (appointment recommended).

Our gallery

Custom Printing

We offer expert Photoshop image enhancement, and custom large format printing on canvas or baryta media. Our Epson 9900 printer lets us print up to 44" in width, to any length. We manufacture our own canvas stretchers from vertical-grain Douglas Fir.

Big images need expert image preparation, and we are experts in handling very large image files. We can handle HDR stacked and stitched image files, or you can let us handle the technical details of photography and image preparation.


Dr. Heerema teaches photography-related subjects at the University of Calgary (for full-time students at the U of C).

In the Studio

Our bright and cheerful studio, located a few minutes west of Calgary, is a relaxing place for individual or group portraits.

On Location

We also enjoy working on location. In early 2011, I was invited to act as the photographer for a medical charity operating in rural Nepal. Although I was very busy with the clinic, here are some quick portraits that I was able to grab there:

Patient at a clinic in rural NepalThis woman brought her child to our clinic in rural Nepal

This tiny village was a three hour drive from the small city of Janukpur. From here, you can almost walk to the border with India.

Patient at a clinic in rural Nepal


The mountain landscape is a never-ending source of beauty, but there are photographic opportunities everywhere.

Hoarfrost near our studios in Redwood Meadows

Hoarfrost on Highway 22, close to our studios. ©Nov 2008, John Heerema, All rights reserved

The Elbow River, behind our studios in Redwood MeadowsThe Elbow River behind our studios. ©Nov 2014, John Heerema, All rights reserved



We specialize in ski photography.

 skiing at Parker's Ridge, a backcountry area in Alberta CanadaSpring skiing at Parker's Ridge, near Jasper, Alberta. This image is a 38 x 42 inch canvass. ©April 2015, John Heerema, All rights reserved

Airborne photography

In addition to our more down to earth photographic work, we have developed solutions to support airborne LIDAR mapping, from motion compensated camera tracking systems, to orthographic imaging.

A camera ball controlled by our software solution for LIDAR A helicopter on a survey mission, with camera controlled by our software

The motion-controlled camera ball near the nose of these helicopters contains a Canon 5D Mk III camera, plus an IIDC video camera. The larger instrument pod contains an infra-red scanning laser, and a Canon EOS 1D Mk III. Everything is controlled by our software.