About Us

We are a professional photography studio, offering a full spectrum of photographic services:

Images for Sale

We offer a range of John Heerema's large gallery wrap giga-pixel images for sale. We can also prepare and print your special images for exhibition in your workplace, home, or special event.

We print on canvas, metal, mat board, and various fine art papers.

Our gallery offers a wide variety of work for sale, mostly in large format canvas - up to about three metres (10 feet) long.

Feel free to come by and browse for yourself! We're open 9-5 Monday through Friday by appointment.

Going Mobile

We are currently refactoring our website to be mobile-friendly, and we are adding new content so you may see some "experimental" behaviour over the next few days. Please "bear" with us as we complete the transition, and enjoy our ever-changing website!

For those techincally inclined, we have moved from Spry to the more mobile-friendly Bootstrap 5.2 framework. We hand-code HTML-5 and ECMA JavaScript Modules