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Master Tuner™

Master Tuner™ turns your Macintosh computer into the world's sophisticated tuning meter, letting you quickly and accurately tune almost any acoustic instrument.
Just play a note — Master Tuner listens to the pitch, figures out which note you're closest to, and tracks the pitch as you play. As you tune, you see the last few second's worth of how sharp or flat you are.



Master Tuner understands the important historical tempera­ments, as well as stretched temperaments for pianos. With our optional Temperament Designer, you can build your own temperaments and import them into Master Tuner.

The base pitch can be varied from A=390 Hz to A=466 Hz in any of the temperaments

Screen Keyboard

Play a few notes using the screen keyboard to see if you like a temperament before committing your instrument to it. The reference tones use sampled instrument sounds to let you hear how real instruments sound in each temperament.

Wind Players

A major advantage of Master Tuner over traditional electronic tuners is that the tuning trace lets you see how a pitch varies over time.

This is particularly valuable for wind players, singers and other people whose instruments can vary their pitch contin­uously.
You can use Master Tuner to check your intonation, or to find the “natural” pitch of your instrument. You can also see how accurately you sustain a note, how even your vibrato is, and how cleanly and consistently you play intervals.


A sample screen shot, showing the major components



To see more, download the User's Guide for the demo version of Master Tuner.


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