Andromeda Computer Systems Ltd.




We are a software development firm with a focus on:

  • Consulting services
    Project management and custom software development.
  • Education and mentoring:
    Helping organizations with the process of developing reliable software
  • Software for gas pipelines:
    - Performance Testing, Torsional Vibration measurement, EFM, and SCADA
  • Software for musicians
    - Performance analysis, historical tuning systems, and instrument tuning

Photo credits: Apollo 8 Earthrise, and the Andromeda galaxy from the 0.9-meter scope on Kitt Peak, (c) NOAO/AURA/NSF


Consulting Services

We provide project leadership and mentoring in a variety of areas, including:

Software Development

We can work with your development team, or provide complete software development services. Some of the areas we've worked in include:

  • Airborne LIDAR
    Integrating instrumentation, and providing real-time mission support tools
  • Enterprise Application Integration
    Using middleware and web services tools to create wide-scale enterprise integration
  • Vendor Management
    Working with solution vendors to help them meet quality standards and time deadlines
  • AGILE development
    We use Scrum as our primary Agile methodology, but also use XP or other methodologies

A helicopter takes off to begin a LIDAR survey mission, using the software we developed to control the instruments

A LIDAR mission using a SCADA system developed for our client.


For the past fifteen years, we have been one of Canada's foremost authorities on using National Instrument's LabVIEW to develop custom applications.

We also focus on advanced digital signal processing, with particular emphasis on computer vision and audio-frequency signal analysis.

A helicopter takes off to begin a LIDAR survey mission, using the software we developed to control the instruments

Note the compter controlled camera pod.

Company background

Andromeda brings together a small group of talented software designers.

Our principal consultant, John Heerema, has been involved in just about every aspect of the software industry over the past twenty years, and is a seasoned project manager.

Our long-time industry partnerships and affiliations let us assemble a crack team for a wide variety of software projects—or we can work with your existing team.

We have particular expertise in scientific and real-time applications.



Software for Gas Pipelines

We have developed a suite of software that is targeted to operators of large natural gas pipelines:


Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing package is used by pipeline operators to measure and track the "as installed" performance of natural gas compressors. It helps them to:

Vibration Analysis
EFM Test Bench

Our EFM Test Bench software subjects a flow computer to an endless variety of simulated pipeline conditions. It does this by producing the electrical signals that would be produced by pressure and temperature transducers, and a gas chromatograph. It calculate the exact flow volumes associated with the simulation, letting you determine whether your flow computers are able to accurately measure gas flow under those conditions. Use it to:



Software for Musicians

In addition to our pipeline software consulting, we engage in research into the mathematics of musical signals.

Our music analysis products include:

Visual Music™

Our latest research is about creating tools to let acoustic musicians "see" their performance, an analyze its subtle nuances. It's developing into a teaching system for both individuals and schools, and promises to make practice time dramatically more effective.

Look for new products late in 2013...

Master Tuner™

Master Tuner was the first software solution for tuning acoustic instruments. Originally developed as a tuning aid for stringed instruments, it was quickly adopted by wind players, who found that its unique ability to show pitch over time, helped them to play their instruments better.

Fifteen years after its original use, it's still being used daily all around the world.

Temperament Designer

For three centuries, the question of how to split an octave into twelve notes was the subject of intense debate. Not because our current standard, Equal Temperament, hadn't been considered, but because it wasn't considered to be rich enough to showcase the subtle nuances of the music being composed at the time.

There has been an upsurge of interest in both historical temperaments, and microtonal tunings, over the past few years. We developed Temperament Designer to let musicians experiment with their own temperaments.



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