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We are a software development firm with a focus on:

  • Consulting Services
    - Project management
    - ETRM projects
    - Education and mentoring
  • Software Development
    - Mobile software (iOS iPhone and iPad)
    - Scientific and Engineering software
    - Embedded software
  • Software for Gas Pipelines
    - Flow computer validation
    - Performance testing
    - Vibration analysis
    - SCADA

We provide project leadership and mentoring in a variety of areas, including:

  • Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM)
    - Selecting and implementing ETRM solutions for gas and electricity
  • Gas Pipelines
    - Gas measurement
    - SCADA
    - Gas allocation, dispatching, and normalization
  • GIS and airborne LIDAR

We are expert iOS developers, using Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, and SIMD vector analysis.

Our mobile software products include:

  • Beat-It Drums
    Teaches drummers music notation and develops advanced drumming skills.
  • Visual Music
    Models human spectrotemporal percpetion of musical signals
  • Master Tuner:
    Tune your instrument to historical temperaments, or analyze your vibrato
  • Temperament Designer:
    Design your own musical temperaments

Our EFM Test Bench lets you validate electronic flow computers.

It subjects a flow computer to an endless variety of simulated pipeline conditions. It does this by producing the electrical signals that would be produced by pressure and temperature transducers, and a gas chromatograph. It calculates the exact flow volumes being simulated, and compares that with the flow computer's measurements. Use it to:

  • Validate flow computers
  • Determine the suitability of a flow computer at meter runs with pulsation, or mixed streams
  • Determine whether a gas chromatograph would make a significant difference at a site
  • Simulate gas measurement flow runs
  • Diagnose flow measurement problems
  • Simulate gas chromatographs

Our Performance Testing package is used by pipeline operators to measure and track the "as installed" performance of natural gas compressors. It helps them to:

  • Get the Maximum Value from Natural Gas compression
  • Build operating maps (wheel maps)
  • Measure isentropic and polytropic performance
  • Measure anti-surge control performance
  • Diagnose pipeline conditions which affect flow and compression
  • Track ongoing changes to unit performance

We can work with your development team, or provide complete software development services. Some of the areas we've worked in include:

  • Airborne LIDAR
    - Integrating instrumentation, and providing real-time mission support tools
  • Enterprise Application Integration
    Using middleware and web services tools to create wide-scale enterprise integration
  • Vendor Management
    Working with solution vendors to help them meet quality standards and time deadlines
  • Instrumentation Software
    For the past decade, we've been responsible for developoing the software used to configure Gas Chromoatographs and UV Absorbtion Spectrocopy analyzers build by Ametek Process Instruments.
  • AGILE development
    We use Scrum as our primary Agile methodology, but also use XP or other methodologies

A helicopter takes off to begin a LIDAR survey mission, using the software we developed to control the instruments

A LIDAR mission using a SCADA system developed for our client.

For the past thirty five years, we have been one of Canada's foremost authorities on using National Instrument's LabVIEW to develop custom applications.

For the past twelve years, we've been responsible for developing the configuration and data analysis software for Gas Chromatographs and Absorbtion Spectroscopy analyzers built by Ametek Process Instruments.

A helicopter takes off to begin a LIDAR survey mission, using the software we developed to control the instruments

Note the compter controlled camera pod.

Andromeda brings together a small group of talented software designers.

Our principal consultant, John Heerema Ph.D., has been involved in just about every aspect of the software industry over the past thirty years, and is a seasoned project manager.

Our long-time industry partnerships and affiliations let us assemble a crack team for a wide variety of software projects—or we can work with your existing team.

We have particular expertise in scientific and real-time applications.